4TH HFGS Webcast

Name Title PDF Video
Ali AlMasoud (KSA) Medical management of ADHF PDF Video
Mehmet Birhan Yilmaz (Turkey) Optimizing the use of biomarkers in ADHF PDF Video
Jerry Estep (USA) Novel therapies for ADHF PDF Video
Collin Barker (USA) Short term devices for ADHF complicated by cardiogenic shock PDF Video
Maryam Al-Qaseer (Bahrain) State of the Art Review of Chronic HF Treatment PDF Video
Mehmet Birhan Yilmaz (Turkey) Neurohormonal blockade: is there still room to go? PDF Video
Waleed AlHabeeb (KSA) The evidence-practice gap in HF management PDF Video
Jerry Estep (USA) Device therapies to detect and manage chronic HF PDF Video
Fakhr AlAyoubi (KSA) Diabetes and heart failure: which therapy is safe? PDF Video
Guillermo Torre (USA) Brain and Heart Connections:  A New Heart Failure Perspective PDF Video
Fayez AlShaer (KSA) Anemia and Heart failure: definitions and targets PDF Video
Meshaal AlMutairi (KSA) Dose adjustment and titration modalities of HF medications PDF Video
Fahad AlGofaili (KSA) VAD as destination therapy PDF Video
Adel Tash (KSA) VAD implantation progress in Saudi Arabia and Middle East PDF Video
Jamilah Saad AlRahimi (KSA)  LV function assessment: what is beyond ejection fraction? PDF Video
Ahmed AlJizeeri (KSA) RV function assessment: a multimodality approach. PDF Video
Mouaz AlMallah (KSA) Role of nuclear imaging in heart failure. PDF Video
Amr Ajlan (KSA) Is viability imaging still viable? PDF Video
Guillermo Torre (USA) Inflamatory Responses in HF:  Pathophysiology & Therapeutics PDF Video
Coralie Poizat (KSA) genetic ablation of Acp1 prevents cardiac dysfunction PDF Video
Mouaz AlMallah (KSA) Every patient with cardiomyopathy should have an MRI PDF Video
Raed Abu Shama (KSA) PVCs: do they cause cardiomyopathy? PDF Video
Tarek Kashour (KSA) Pulmonary Hypertension: A Cardiology Perspective PDF Video
Guillermo Torre (USA) Defining End Stage Heart Failure PDF Video
Jerry Estep (USA) Update on Treatment Options for End Stage Heart Failure PDF Video
Abdelfatah Elasfar (KSA) Case based presentation and panel review PDF Video
Waleed AlHabeeb (KSA) Case presentation PDF Video
Collin Barker (USA) Percutaneous approach in mitral regurgitation, what are the options PDF Video
Ammar Chaudhary (KSA) VAD/ transplant, are they the standard approach? PDF Video
Yahya AlHebaishi (KSA) ICD in DCM, what is the best time to insert? PDF Video
Raed Abu Shama (KSA) CRT, who is the best candidate? PDF Video
Yahya AlHebaishi (KSA) Atrial fibrillation and heart failure; rate or rhythm? PDF Video
Fayez Bokhari (KSA) Electric storm, what are the options? PDF Video